Home care for independent living

When people need a little extra personal care and support to remain living independently at home and in the local community, Goldcare Professionals of Keynsham provides it.

Registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), we’re a provider of a wide range of quality home care services carefully tailored to meet the needs of the individual.

For care in the home that’s compassionate, flexible and that helps keep life as active and vibrant as you wish it to be, welcome to Goldcare Professionals.

Call us today on 0117 986 6140, we’d love to hear from you.

Wellbeing at home

We care for the wellbeing of adults in their homes up to the age of 65 and above. From short-term support during recovery from an operation, to permanent long-term personal care for people with disabilities. Based in Keynsham, we serve clients throughout the surrounding area.

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What our clients say about us

  • My parents are delighted with the care they receive. They look forward to their visits and enjoy thier company.
    From my perspective, the staff are ideal: they care for my parents as I do but in addition do odd bits of shopping, fetch my fathers newspaper and water pots & hanging baskets, which my parents can't manage.
    They fulfil our family's needs - even putting out recycling when I'm away. For me this level of all round care is priceless.
    What puts Goldcare Professionals above the others I have tried is the flexibility of care and the personalities of the carers we've had. They are well-trained, compentent and seem to genuinely care about the whole person. I have peace of mind when I have to go away for a few days to support my grown-up children.
    It was a lucky day for us all when I saw the advertisment in a local newspaper!

    — Norma Sanders
  • During the 3 months of mum's care with Julie and Michelle there has been a remarkable improvement in her health and well being. As mums entire family live in Australia it is a great comfort to us all that our mother is not treated just as a 'number' but as a person who needs company and interaction. That her mental state and well-being is just as important as attending to the physical side of her needs.
    The consistent communication via email keeps us in touch with mums health, disposition and any issues that need to be addressed - but most importantly gives us the confidence that she has a wonderful support network and an excellent, professional level of care.

    — Mandy Mowle
  • I have been caring for my father for over five years, with help from several care agencies, and individual carers. I found all the arrangements lacking until two years ago, shortly after it was stablished, I discovered Goldcare Professionals. Julie Michalak and her growing team have been without doubt everything I'd hoped for in carers for my father.
    The carers are kind, friendly, efficient and professional and the organisation clearly works well. With other companies it was often the administration that let the carers down. It was important to me that the carers were well treated by the company and I get the impression that Goldcare looks after its carers well.
    Julie and the team have been incredibly flexible - always helping me and my father with our changing needs. They are great with my dad who responds well to their visits. They have obviously helped him with his needs but I think they have been of even more assistance to me - as his main live-in carer. I could not have kept my father in his home except for their support - for which I am very grateful.

    — Michael Tait
  • The wonderful TLC we got from Goldcare, you and your girls have been a lifesaver for Roger and I, now on the mend and having to say fare-well, we simply could not have coped without you, in more ways than one. The actual help has been fantastic but also the emotional backup was much appreciated. We have become very fond of you all.

    — Ann and Roger
  • Cannot fault the care my Dad receives from Goldcare, all the team are brilliant, caring and fun. Everything is handled with 100% total professionalism and nothing is too much trouble.
    Goldcare have enabled Dad to live with us despite us all going to work and we have peace of mind that he is looked after and safe in their capable hands.
    Thank you

    — Des, Helene, Andy, Harvey and Frank
  • We have only praise for the way in which Goldcare Professionals have cared for my mum.
    She so enjoyed their visits and the care and concern that was shown towards her.
    I personally have to thank Goldcare Professionals for their attention to detail and their help on a couple of occasions that was over and above what they were contracted to do. I always felt that mum was in the best of hands.

    — Ann