Funding Goldcare Professionals home careThe cost of funding a personalised package of home care and support services from Goldcare Professionals depends on the type of services provided and their duration. We can advise you on the most practical and cost-effective home care solution that’s tailored to your individual needs.

You may need to pay for all your own home care and support services (‘self-funding’) or you might be entitled to funding from your local authority, welfare benefits or free NHS care. Goldcare is happy to provide you with the contact details for the organisations concerned.

If your local authority will pay for some, or all, of your home care and support, you are able to request that the money be paid to you directly as a ‘direct payment’. The amount depends on the authority’s assessment of your needs. You are then free to choose your own care service provider. No third parties, you’re in control.

Whether you’re self-funding your home care or funding it through direct payments, making payments to Goldcare Professionals is simple. You can pay by standing order or electronic bank transfer, and payment is requested two weeks in advance. We will issue you with a consolidated statement every two weeks.

To discuss funding your home care with Goldcare Professionals call: 0117 986 6140